• Shooting Sports Park man-scoping-rifle The Provo Shooting Sports Park is a firearms education and training facility that is open to experienced shooters and new shooters that want to become experienced! More >>

  • Volunteer Service two-boys-weeding Some of Provo City's greatest assets are its volunteer minded citizens and its geographic location. The Provo River and trails that meander through the city provide for a variety of opportunities for service projects for citizens of any age or ability. More >>

  • Parks Projects Slate-Canyon-Park-Site-D Want to know more about the future plans for the Provo City parks? Or are you looking for the latest information concerning the Parks Master Plan? Concept designs and information are now available for review. We look forward to hearing your comments. More >>

  • Master Plan master-plan-cover-edit After several months of analyzing the desires of Provo Citizens and how they like to spend their leisure time, Pros Consulting has developed a plan to direct our focus in becoming a top notch recreation city. More >>

  • Trails provo-river-trai-with-leaves Whether taking a leisurely stroll or training for a marathon, using the Provo City trails can be an enjoyable and beautiful escape within the city. More >>

  • Reservations Lions-Park-pavilion-1 Provo has nearly 60 areas that can be reserved which include pavilions, amphitheaters and trails. To find out more about park rules and how to make reservations, check out the Reservations page. Visit the Park Info page for park amenities. More >>

  • Cemetery graves-in-row The Provo City Cemetery was established in 1853 and currently has approximately 38,000 burial spaces within the beautifully maintained grounds. Plans to expand the cemetery and add additional burial spaces are currently being implemented. More >>


Provo has some of the most beautiful parks in the state of Utah with over 813 acres of developed park-lands, 35 miles of paved trails and paths, and 468 acres of turf for organized sports fields.

Provo Parks & Recreation is a premiere parks and recreation agency that has been recognized nationally by organizations such as Forbes Magazine as one of the most livable cities and by Outside Magazine as #2 in the United States as the best for outdoor recreation opportunities.

Our 93 parks directly influence the quality of life for the residents and visitors of Provo. In order to maintain this level of quality and community expectation, high standards of conduct and performance are maintained.     

Parks & Grounds Operations offers a variety of information and resources:


Parks & Trails

Reservations          Make a park pavilion reservation online

Parks Calendar     See what park pavilions have been reserved

FAQs                       Important information about park pavilion   reservations, rules and guidelines

Parks Details          Find park specific information 

Park Finder Search for a park by an amenities or map filter

Trail Information    Facts about our many trails

Park Issue               Submit a Park issue, question or comment


Parks & Grounds Services

Arboriculture   Interesting information about Arboriculture within Provo

Parks Projects   Learn about our current parks projects

Volunteer          Volunteer with your group, organization or Eagle Scout

Special Events  How to have a Special Event at a City Park or Trail



Shooting Sports Park

General Info         General information, hours and rates

Range Reservation      Private reservation form

RSO Application         Range Safety Office Application 

SOP Manual         Standard Operation Manual



General Info General information, fees, and regulations

Burial Records Find burial records 

Funerals  Current schedule of upcoming funeral services


2017 Notices

Online Reservations

Pavilion reservations are now online! Please visit PROVO311 to reserve a pavilion. 

Pioneer Park Splash Pad 

The Splash Pad at Pioneer Park officially opened on May 28th and will close for the season on September 10th.  For more info regarding our Splash Pad at Pioneer Park please visit our Park Info page.

Kiwanis Park Renovations 

Renovations will begin at Kiwanis Park (820 North 1100 East) in the Spring. This won't affect our pavilion reservations, you can learn more as the project date approaches on our Parks Projects Page

Construction on the Kiwanis detention basin is planned to begin the 4th week of April and will go through October. This construction will be in the south west portion of the park but will not effect pavilion reservations or parking within the park.

Provo River Trail Construction

The UTA Provo-Orem Transportation project has begun this year and will be done in phases over a two to three year period. The first phase currently consists of the south side of Columbia Lane to the east side of Independence Avenue and west of Geneva Road to the project boundary.  Structures within this area are excluded and will be done in a later phase. You can learn more about the UTA Provo-Orem Transportation Project on their website, or get up-to-date information on their Facebook page