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Call 311 or (801) 852-6000 or go to provo.org for any City information or services you need. Contact Center agents are specially trained to answer a wide range of questions. If they don’t have the answer, they’ll find the people who do. You can get information about licensing , special events, permits, garbage pickup, and many other questions about the City. You can also report broken parking meters, street lights out, potholes, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, water main breaks, animal complaints, or any other situation that needs the attention of City workers.

Anderson, JamesBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6458
Ardmore, AaronPlannerCommunity Development(801) 852-6404
Baria, MichelleOffice SpecialistCommunity Development(801) 852-6436
Bennett, RichBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6456
Carter, RickBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6453
Corry, AustinPlannerCommunity Development(801) 852-6413
Crowther, SpencerPlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6410
Dahneke, JessicaPlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6418
Fallon, DougBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6454
Harris, RyanSr. Planning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6415
Johnson, ScottPlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6433
Karren, EllenPlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6421
King, EmileeZoning SecretaryCommunity Development(801) 852-6436
Manoa, SionePlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6405
Mauga, HanaBuilding Inspection SecretaryCommunity Development(801) 852-6450
Maxfield, BrianPlanning SupervisorCommunity Development(801) 852-6429
McGinn, GaryCommunity Development DirectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6401
Mills, RobertPlannerCommunity Development(801) 852-6407
Peperone, BillCommunity Development Assistant DirectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6402
Riddle, TaraProperty Manager & OmbudsmanCommunity Development(801) 852-6409