Lt. Wolken Lieutenant Brian Wolken - Day Shift

Animal Control
Crossing Guards
Parking Enforcement

Lt. Beebe
Lieutenant Troy Beebe - Swing Shift
Bike Patrol Unit
Explosive Ordnance Devices (EOD)
Field Training Officer Program

Lt. Barney Lieutenant Jerid Barney - Grave Shift

Mountain Rescue
Reserve Officers
Leigh Ferre Crime Analyst
The Crime Analyst identifies and analyzes crime trends and nuisances. This information is utilized to deploy resources in a more effective manner. The Crime Analyst also assists in identifying suspects, formulating crime prevention strategies, and devising solutions to long term crime problems. Provo City Police Department's Annual Reports are available in .pdf format.

       2016 Annual Report Here »
       2015 Annual Report Here »
       2014 Annual Report Here »


Patrol Units Traffic Unit: The Traffic Unit focuses on traffic law enforcement, accident reduction, and traffic safety education. Members of the team are certified motorcycle officers and use our BMW motorbikes to assist their operations.

Parking Enforcement:  Our team of part-time Parking Enforcement throughout the city and work closely with the Traffic Unit.

Animal Control:  Animal Control Officers are responsible for animal-related law and code enforcement, as well as animal licensing, education programs, and related inquiries.

K-9 Units:  We are proud to have four K-9 teams in service for proactive patrol work, criminal apprehension, building searches, drug detection, and bomb detection.